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Anna Schellberg

Anna Schellberg
Anna Schellberg

What gives you inspiration to make your art ? And what feelings or emotions or messages are you trying to pass through your work ?

I just need to paint. I always did. For me it's as essential as breathing, or eating. It's Paint or Die. I am my paintings. I cannot feign. Once you see one of my paintings you will always get a part of myself.

What kind of palette do you like working with the most ? What pigments do you use the most ?

My weapons of choice are just a plain palette I can mush and push the oil paint (directly from the container) around, and instead of a paint brush I am using old credit cards or not returned hotel key cards...

What is your process while trying to finish a project ? Can you talk a bit about your way of working and the steps you take ?

It's not a process in the usual way. Once I see a face that really catches me, I need to paint it. That may be a photograph I see, or as well a person I meet on the street. Then I ask the person, if I can take a photograph and paint them. Then I just get back to the easel and get started. I always start out with the eyes, as I want to be in constant exchange with the face I am painting. After a while I lose patience and I get real aggravated. Then I go, like, ok, what the hell and start throwing paint around. This is the best part, because in most cases THIS is, when the painting erupts...!!!

Have you ever thought about trying or working on a different medium ? What is the importance of painting and colors for you ?

Painting has to be a game for me. It's playful, I like to experiment with different tools or material or canvases. So at times I like to play around with water color, or I go big, painting murals.

At what time of the day do you like working the most ? Can you tell us why ? All day – best ideas at night / ???

Usually I start out after lunch, as I have also some very profane household tasks to complete. after lunch I feel my head is free of any mundane things. Then I get really sucked up into work.

Do you have other hobbies that influence you when you work? Like music, do you have a favorite style that you listen to when creating?

Well, I have been around the world some, and I guess this fact has also had a huge influence on my personality; this probably also has some impact on the way I approach a painting. I love music, especially jazz and blues music. But when I paint I rather prefer to listen to a radio station, that I do not completely lose contact with the "Real World"....


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