Mozaik #6

This number 6 grows up and crosses a new step. Mozaïk was able to swarm through other continents, thanks to you, our loyal readers. Your downloads, all over the world, bring to the magazine its actual notoriety. Yes, Mozaïk now can define itself as international, intercontinental, plural and universal. From the Indian Ocean to Australia, all the way to Europe, Latin America and even to the United States, there are more and more of you discovering, appreciating, reacting and interacting. Your feedback and your encouragement strengthen us in our initial vocation : “Culture is a common good, let’s share it”. Moreover, with a Newsletter of more than 500 subscribers, we can’t help but rejoice in the interest you bring to our mission.

Mozaïk is now a lighthouse stationed at each port, in each ocean, and you are the keepers of it. The reactivity and the keen interest on social media also contributed to its evolution. After an opening to Africa for the number 5, other parts of the world come to join us. This is how our pages present the works and mark the participation of Canada, Russia, Ukraine, Tunisia, Palestin and even more to come. We also give room to those women who choose art to express themselves. From plastic arts to literature and to all different artistic forms possible, expression is no more a patriarchal legacy, but now takes on an universal, humane nature in its entirety. On its run, Africa is represented here by its plastician artists and its francophone poets. In the Indian Ocean, Madagascar is the one that wields the flame of modern literature through the “Cahier Slam-Poésie '' or Slam-Poetry Booklet, a proposition with young people who write in french and in their native language.

Mozaik is richer, bigger and more pertinent, thanks to you, generous contributors. The magazine can boast about having a wonderful team. Contents and illustrations that always present themselves as windows on the world, on THE WORLDS.

Dear artists, by your reactivity and your enthusiasm, Mozaik can brag about proposing an unique and original format. We are honored and proud of showing our work, our engagements and our values in this magazine that, without any presumption, remains one of a kind in its category. Free, without any ads, but brings a lot of care into the quality, both in its presentation and its formats.

Together, we learn to share, to help discover and to identify ourselves to this magazine. We would never have been able to do it without your sensibility to beauty, art, to the beauty of art. In a few words: THANK YOU!