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«L’art ,c’est le plus court chemin de l’homme à l’homme». With these words of André Malraux,we are coming at you boldly .Arts act like a bridge.Artists are the smugglers.Culture feeds the man’s soul.Mozaïk joins up the continents .The magazine calls us to travel.For the 10th time!

The more we are crossing the world, the more ways are multiplying.As explorer and guide,Mozaïk goes on a journey to dicover another territories,another cultures and another arts.Here they are, bound together,within this number which is richer,more intense and more surprising.This Mozaik 10 recalls us to the essential:humanity.According to this then,numerous works are cradled by this supreme quintessence.We will find the humanbeing in all of its aspects in every single part of the magazine’s rubric.Inspirations are at the heart of this trip of the man to the man.

A specialist of Francophone literature will talk about the writers and their periods.A special Jean Joseph Rabearivelo notebook will relapse us into the imaginary of one of the great island’s literary icon.Then,there is this painting which relates the life of  inhabited territories. The works of a Palestinian artist worth the detour.In Reunion island,it’s the phototherapy which opens up itself to a world that an exclusive interview with a photograph will make us discover.Visual arts retrieve us the morsels  of the world ,here and elsewhere.

Faithful to itself,Mozaïk has rubrics that are so enriching as much the ones as the others,which are longing for being explored.

Everybody with our own way,we’re offering some pieces of our humanity with which we will bring back together this world.Not building nor hope for a new one,but start from where we are to restore,restore ouselves.

Are there any remedies that are more efficient than arts and cultures to heal the humanity?Is there any better testimony of humanity than thankfulness?Also,we will never be fed up to address our most genuine thanks to all who take part in Mozaïk.Our deep gratitude to the artists ,contributors,illustrators,readers,editors and web designer.We thank all those who make the line moving forward.

Together,we’re walking towards this new world,built upon solidarity and thanks to the passion which enlivens us .Thanks to this common good that we like to share with each other:culture.Let’s take this way which leads us to the human that we are: the art…

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