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Gratefulness is the Mozaïk’s rudder.You are the figurehead of our ship which sail from the Indian Ocean to the five continents.How not to thank you,dear readers, dear authors and dear artists?The most faithful ones have joined us from the departure boarding.The new ones ,always more numerous,have taken the advantage of our stopovers to leave the dock and to get on board.Welcome to you all and we thank you exceedingly for picking out this cruise with our crew!


The African Woman bears the standard of this ninth number.Our pavilion is praising her beauty and her strength.Let yourself be delighted by this cover signed by the Nigerian artist Clément MMADUAKO NWAFOR.On board,regional and international artists ,are only waiting for you to set the course on the African feminine identities’complexity .Let’s navigate towards this varieties of perspectives,this amazing richness and these treasures hidden in the Oceans.Together ,let’s travel and discover…


The Malagasy presence in the Indian Ocean hold the Mozaïk n•09 ship’s gateway.Our crew of the great island is taking you on a land with plenty of artistic and cultural outputs.The magazine’s presentation at the media library of the “Institut Français de Madagascar ”gave a foretaste of the journey of this surprising cruise on our beloved Indianoceania.


 Step into our “Cultures”compartiment for paying attention to all these stories which the wind tells us.Find out ,for instance,J.L Cornille’s phrase “Silence plus douleur égale murmure”,about The novel Ambatomanga of Michèle Rakotoson,the Orange Prize of Book in Africa ‘s finalist (POLA)2023.


Our cubicle”Lifestyle “,it’s an invitation to explore the unusual places which make you dream.This space is made exclusively for you who are at the quest of inspiration for living better .Why wouldn’t you share “le thé”with Delphine,for instance?Here,discussions and arts of living aren’t missing.


From the porthole of your balcony cabin”Nature et Environnement “,admire the greenness and the landscape around.As well,enjoy the surrounding fresh air.Take this chlorophyll’s bowl concocted with our refreshing and inspiring articles. Annick Sedson tackles with you the “Recovered Forest “question in order to embellish your trip on board.


“Journal”,it’s our ballroom,particularly organized for your pleasure.Let yourself be taken by the ambiance of our CDs selection to awake you and vibe at your rythm.Stimulate your imagination with our books collection with emerging authors and less famous genres.Feed your curiosity and your taste of good stories with our strip cartoons choices,as captivating as each other.Above all,take notes of important meetings and don’t miss the various cultural events:expositions,concerts,festivals,projections…


You have now arrived safely!The crew have reserved you a last surprise:the opening of the cultural and artistic space Mozaïk in Antananarivo.Expositions,literary meetings and other artistic shows completely dive you into cultures and arts.This meeting’s place in Antsahabe receives you to (re)live all these beautiful experiences of your cruise waiting for the next departure with number 10.

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