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Mozaik #13

Always bolder, more ambitious, and more curious, Mozaïk offers you in this issue a spotlight on cultures in remote corners of the world. Your independent cultural magazine has taken the gamble of exploring new horizons. Our pages thus become true cultural crossroads, a meeting place for artistic forms, an intersection of expressions and creativities from everywhere. True to its initial promises, Mozaïk reveals to you a colorful and vibrant panorama, always with passion and conviction.

Mozaïk #13 enriches this edition with two major features: a Special Notebook "Explorers of the Soul" and a Special Notebook "Zazavavindrano." You will have understood, here is a March under the sign of Venus, which honors women, in all their plurality and splendor. Once again, we have relied on originality to satisfy our common thirst to discover others. The result is sections that celebrate humanity and its diversity through works highlighting the beauty of our various cultures.

In "Explorers of the Soul," four women photographers traveled to meet tribes across different continents such as Africa and Asia. Their reportage merges traditions, cultural wealth, and multiple identities, forming a living picture, a colorful fresco. Our gazes thus intersect in these striking and powerful images, which appear as windows to elsewhere, both literally and figuratively.

"Zazavavindrano" plunges us into a fascinating universe, the underwater world. This special notebook reveals some mysteries about these supernatural beings that populate freshwater and seas. Especially, on the Great Island, the history of the girls of the waters (mermaids in Western thought) is not a myth or a simple legend, but constitutes a reality deeply rooted in the Malagasy conception. To reveal a part of these cultures to you, we offer you an interview with an anthropologist and two testimonies collected on this subject. We present this folder with a short story as well as beautiful illustrations. These muses inspire our artists and feed both our imaginations and our collective concept. Let's get closer to the unsuspected richness of these creatures that emerge from the depths, that have amazed us since time immemorial. Between secular beliefs and historical facts, between analysis and traditions, let us offer ourselves more magic. Honoring the complexity of feminine mysteries, this folder recalls the vital importance of water for all forms of life.

Every page of Mozaïk is crafted with care to blur boundaries, broaden our horizons, and enrich our knowledge. We invite you to make astonishing discoveries through our sections. We have new contributions from distant lands like the USA, among others, as we continuously strive for inspiring you. Let's welcome diversity with curiosity and open-mindedness. Let's wander through our pages to discover the hidden treasures of our planet.

It is impossible to condense all the richness and diversity of this issue into a single page. Together, we invite you to walk alongside us to recognize the teamwork that, as always, enables each issue to come out. We adress our thanks to our artists, who always trust us to share their artistic works. We also warmly thank the writers, authors, and contributors who, with their pen, take us far from the daily routine. We express deep gratitude to the illustrators and the artistic direction team who, with overflowing creativity, bring us such captivating visual rendering.

For Mozaïk, the interaction between traditions, culture, and identity creates a rich and multidimensional dialogue. If we had to summarize Mozaik #13, we declare that "there is a universal beauty in the expression of who we are."

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