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We don't age from one year to the next, we renew ourselves every day. Emily Dickinson, the 19th-century American poet, takes us back to basics. Should we really wait until the dawn of the new year to blossom, reinvent ourselves and set out to discover the world? Doesn't every new morning herald new movements and new perspectives? With these questions in mind, Mozaïk welcomes you to the new year and to this issue. This is the twelfth edition of this free and generous cultural magazine, which has never ceased to renew itself at every opportunity. Twelve, a number that embodies connection, communication and expressive creativity. This number calls us to great achievements, to beautiful collaborations and, above all, to union. This last word resonates deeply with us, as it echoes our values and illustrates our philosophy. Together, thanks to your trust and loyalty, we've made it this far. Like Mother Teresa, "we realize that what we achieve is but a drop in the ocean...". This Indian Ocean, which is dear to us, which brings us together around a common identity, which confers on us this Indian-oceanic belonging. And of course, let's not forget the rest: "But if this drop did not exist in the ocean, it would be missing."

Each contribution means so much to us, because each one brings us what we're missing: a step closer to others, self-discovery, a desire to learn about other cultures. It's through these lines and pages of Mozaïk that we find superb opportunities to renew ourselves, every day. And we'll never cease to thank the contributors, artists, editors, illustrators, journalists, authors, layout team and all those who have given shape to this issue 12. They open doors to other worlds through rich and varied articles in our Visual Arts, Culture, Arts de vivre, Newspaper, Nature and Environment sections. From the zerbaz of La Réunion to the Run Colorz Festival, our content crosses the islands of the Indian Ocean. Let's not miss the horse races of Madagascar or the encounters with authors from the Indian Ocean region. In Mozaïk 12, we're delighted to offer you a selection of literary works from our call for submissions in the previous issue. We'd like to thank these authors for their generosity, sharing and talent. 

And to our loyal readers, we couldn't possibly publish this magazine without thanking you. Without you, we would have travelled alone, and our project would have neither meaning nor future. So it's essential that we express our deep gratitude to you for walking alongside us.Through its cover, Mozaïk dedicates this issue to Denis Rion, a talented photographer, but above all a friend of the magazine who has graced many pages with his work.Let's end with this phrase from Marcel Proust: "The true voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes."


Happy discovering!

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