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Become an EDITOR

for Mozaïk !



Are you passionate about writing and want to participate in the promotion of art and culture? Join Mozaïk's team of volunteer writers. We are currently looking for writers interested in artistic and cultural expressions.

Mozaïk is a free digital cultural magazine in the Indian Ocean that promotes sharing and passion for the arts. Its readership extends from South Africa to Australia. Take this opportunity to showcase your writing talent in several continents. In addition, it is also an opportunity to be in contact with many artists and cultural actors around the world.

Your text will appear in issues of Mozaïk, with your signature, your photo and your biography. The contact information you provide will also accompany your texts so that other artists or cultural actors may contact you for possible collaborations.

Are you interested? Great!

How does it work?

The topics:
You will be able to propose the topics of your choice (sharing an experience, a favourite book, a review of a literary work, an essay, etc.). We will discuss your idea for an article to be included in one of our publications. Proposals can be submitted in any language of the Indian Ocean (French, English, Creole, Malagasy, Portuguese, Indian, etc.)

We will value your production:
MOZAÏK proposes to publish people who wish to express themselves, but also to help promote art and culture. We invite you to be part of the voluntary contributors who keep this magazine alive and who surprise us with their diversified contents. Validated articles will be published and if necessary accompanied by illustrations before being published in the magazine. We are counting on your motivation and your desire to communicate. On our side, we will do our utmost to ensure that these articles are a success and that you are valued.

If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us at

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