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Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Parag Borse

Borse Parag Dinesh is an artist, painter from India. Since 2006, to this day, he

has exhibited his works more than twenty times in renowned places in India,

in Dubai and in the USA. His art has been awarded several times.

Parag Borse reveals some of his deepest thoughts to us by answering our few questions

Some of his works of art are on his website

Would introduce yourself for our readers.

Well, I wonder how to introduce myself because I feel I am still searching for my true identity. I see myself as just a traveller passing through this magical world. Perhaps this is the reason I am fond of visiting places like dense jungles, high mountains and lonely streams. I love to walk and run on the paths flanked by dense woods. I keenly observe nature, always clicking photographs of nature’s grandeur and painting it on my canvases. This has now become my daily routine.

How would you define your art?

My art is existential art. Though I strive to portray the various aspects of existence like its eternity, transience, excitement and beauty, I believe, in the truest sense, my paintings are part and parcel of existence. The existence of my paintings is similar to a dried leaf, a tiny sandstone in a river basin, flowing water or a grass stick in a meadow. I have a strong disagreement with the traditional division of art forms into categories like realistic, abstract and imaginary art.

What is your source of inspiration? How do you find your inspiration in painting?

I draw my inspiration from my apprehension of beauty and the pleasure I get from it. I believe we get this pleasure not just when we talk to people, observe them and experience their existence but when we sit under a tree, listen to the cacophony of birds and while swimming in a brook too. My art comes into being as a result of my endeavour to express the ecstasy I experience while relishing the endowments of nature. I always keep roaming aimlessly in the quest of this bliss - sometimes in the internalities, sometimes in the externalities of existence! I think this is a good way to find new inspirations for my art. Living the life in totality obviously becomes the best inspiration for my heart.



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